A Litany Of Lies
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A Litany of Lies

A Litany of Lies

I think perhaps the grass
Is greener on the other side
That everyone on Earth
Is tolerant of Gay pride
I think that Man’s pollution
Will not harm our planet
We should eat our self to death
Like an over indulgent Gannet
I think that War is necessary
To reduce world population
We will find another home
Our final destination
I think that all World leaders
and Politicians tell the truth
There is no persecution
My document shows the proof
I think that helping Africa
Is just a waste of time
Money doesn't aid corruption
To support regimes of crime
I think this list is endless
Don’t waste time, on third world poor
Let’s support the North Koreans
and start a new World war

Do you think my words are cynical?
A litany of Lies
Like, trying to convince us all
That Russia has no spies

© Kevin Shaw . All Rights Reserved.