A Fortress I Built
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A Fortress I Built

Twelve years I'd spent constructing my wall
Each year it grew wider as it grew tall
I built myself a fortress a safe haven so to speak
Never again to be left unprotected or proven weak
Built with layers and layers of stone cold rock
Only one key to which only I could unlock
I built myself inside walls of thick stone
To stop the hurt and disrespect I was shown
A weakness was found in my carefully built wall
Breaking through my fortress, be it climb or crawl
Once in did he realize, just where he had come to
Nobody knew of this fort built strong and true
Why break into my fort, I needed to know why
He had no answer , he had not one reply
Was it on purpose , accident, or no reason
Was he hot or cold , the weather or season
What purpose did he have ,he didn't give one
I had no treasure for him to steal just my heart
The reason I built these walls ,which I won't depart

© Brenda Chiri . All Rights Reserved.