A Christian Speaks To A Muslim Friend
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A Christian Speaks To A Muslim Friend

Smiles touch the eyes
I arise to the hope of salvation
In our hellos and goodbyes
attended by honest communication

I lean in to hear you speak
Tell me what is on your mind
I will not trick or tweak
The treasure that I find

Yet I will voice where we part
Not to change your direction
I hope you will listen to my heart
With friendly love and affection

For you and I would gladly snatch
Each other to our spiritual side
If you or I play ball, one would catch
Save the other in the roaring tide

Love wants the best in the other
We spend daylight in comparison
We can still be a sister and brother
Though you in faith be a Saracen*

In the deviation of Jesus history,
Our two religions do not integrate,
And the “trinity of God” mystery.

Yet let us choose to love, not hate

Religion or Philosophy Contest
Rhyme Form

*A Muslim

© Kim Rodrigues . All Rights Reserved.