A Bright New World
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A Bright New World

We really thought this was virgin soil When we sailed upon this land so vast As we drifted into a secluded cove Thought we'd stumbled upon the past Natives sure looked very much like us But they wore the skimpiest clothes With only one or two piece coverings Not a bad looking group by jove We motioned to them in sign language We're friendly and we've come in peace But much to our utter astonishment They spoke our language with ease Seems we had stumbled on a sandy beach On the southwest coast of the state These natives were actually vacationers They thought our sailing ship was great It was really all quite embarrassing We played dumb and pretended we knew Said it was our lame attempt at humour As we thanked them and bid them adieu So we all got back in our sailing ship And waved them a fond farewell We'll never forget our trip to the past It's a tale for our grandkids to tell

© Jack Ellison . All Rights Reserved.