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A walk In Crofters Lane.

I like to walk down Crofters Lane
among the thick hedgerow. 
and listen to the critters sounds
as I quietly go.

A rabbit bobs his head up
as if to say ," Hello!"
Then off he hops along his way
as there's somewhere he must go.

A hedgehog scurries back and forth
as busy as can be.
He must be looking out
for something nice for tea.

Then to my right in Crofters field
I spied a little mole
messing up Crofters field
but I'll not tell a soul.

Walking over by the gate 
I see creatures great and small
birds up in the tree tops high
and critters on the wall.

I'm in awe of all creation
I find in Crofters lane.
I'll be on my way now
but soon be back again.

© Patricia Lawton . All Rights Reserved.