A Riddle
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A Riddle


Can you solve this riddle
of what my name could be?
Unlike some other species,
I'm unable to run free.

I bring smiles to the elderly,
and children dance with glee.
I may wear bright clothing
or stark naked as can be.

I come in different colours,
most think I am a treat.
Many will delight in me
they say I'm very sweet.

Although I am an animal,
of bones I have not any.
I am more expensive now,
though once sold for a penny.

Have you solved this riddle
from all the clues above?
If not then I'll tell you
I'm one that most do love.

I'm not a real live animal,
like a kitten or a dog,
but I am always welcome
because I'm a chocolate frog.

Copyright © Vivien Wade Nov.19,  2015

© Vivien Wade . All Rights Reserved.