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Blinded by black Miller, AmandaI do not know?
The Burger Baumgarn, BrianRhyme
The truth that is We Baptie, DominiqueAlliteration
Long, Gray Winter Baumgarn, BrianSonnet
Void Miller, AmandaI do not know?
IMMORTAL LOVE Trifiatis, DemetriosEpigram
Missing parts of us Mittal, sakshiProse Poetry
Old twilight holmes, peterFree verse
Wild beauty Taylor, DaveFree verse
The Question Rossi, CarmineFree verse
2 Probitas, VerumProse
Mindless Thinking johnson, robertRhyme
Happiness eludes me Forshay, MatthewI do not know?
Aunt Maude Rigoler, MauriceLight Poetry
The grey disguise Reddy, SumanI do not know?
Reflect Rowe, ClaytonLyric
Punxy Phil I Am Wilson, DebRhyme
insanity revealed Bennett, Donald JFree verse
A Lady from Dublin Rigoler, MauriceLimerick
More of You Carter, EveLyric
open eyes Griffel, SarahI do not know?
on the edge Griffel, SarahI do not know?
WRITE Enriquez, LeonEpigram
Heaven Come Down Poteet, Reason A.Dizain
Magic Beans Rose, MysticRhyme
Childbirth Laurie, LindsayRhyme
Hear Heaven Nance, CasarahDizain
Loved Me For Awhile Hofert, EdwinRhyme
Tear the ticket and take the trip Beesley, AnthonyBlank verse
Why I Love You Riker, AlexFree verse
Stray Dog Carroll, KenFree verse
Dancing Stars Miller, SamanthaI do not know?
Hairbrush Ngoma, ThabangRhyme
Entice Anderson, MegFree verse
At Heavens Gate Sergi, RalphDizain
Frogs cannot Kiss Carey, Ninette Bio
My Love Remains The Same Hofert, EdwinRhyme
Official Merchandise: Shut Up And Sing Spangles, SukiLyric
I like Long Walks on the Beach Carrasquillo, RaquelRhyme
Untitled Yang, JosephFree verse
Sniper holmes, peterFree verse
G I A Atfield, William J. Jr.Free verse
Blessings Brown, DavidCouplet
lucky one Nance, CasarahRhyme
Rejection Sitnyakovskaya, RimmaI do not know?
I Will Be Leaving The Soup For A Short While Yvonne, MauriceProse
a split second Sitnyakovskaya, RimmaI do not know?
Archie Templeton-Mead holmes, peterVerse
ASHAMED Cries, StreetLyric
The Southern Lights Ngoma, ThabangFree verse
Burning Flame Of Life Kiser, M. L. Sijo
Broken Oaths Schneiter, PaulRhyme
Muse With Pen and Sword Kiser, M. L. Prose
THE SILENCE OF STONE dunn, cherlFree verse
Hidden Kiser, M. L. Lanterne
Cemetery Visit Schneiter, PaulRhyme
Cling kesting, tomCouplet
Going Back Jacks, TimothyConcrete
SOLAR WHALES dunn, cherlFree verse
My Words Nusairat, FatimaProse Poetry
WOLVES OF THE DEEP dunn, cherlFree verse
Stars Stevenson, TaylorFree verse
Iris Alvarez, Julie-MarieFree verse
A Tribal War Hamilton, ShadowVerse
THE JOURNAL dunn, cherlFree verse
Missing You Baviello, DebraBallad
THE VAILS OF CAMELOT dunn, cherlFree verse
Tip of the Iceberg bauer, ileneRhyme
ELEMENTAL GIANTS dunn, cherlFree verse
Walking Alone Baviello, DebraBallad
Magic Beans Sulkowski, Miroslaw EricVerse
My Eyes and Heart Carter, EveRhyme
Pacific Valentine Fraser, JamesQuatrain
My Desire Baviello, DebraBallad
Home Sweet Home Deschler, KellyFree verse
Give it horns Ngoma, ThabangRhyme
PAUSE Enriquez, LeonCouplet
DELICIOUS Enriquez, LeonSonnet
VIVID Enriquez, LeonQuatrain
BLESSINGS Enriquez, LeonCouplet
Give Myself Away Hofert, EdwinRhyme
What Do They See Baviello, DebraBallad
Golden Army Kopec, PatrycjuszRhyme
Feel Free Carey, Ninette Chant Royal
The Storm East, DennisRhyme
Tables turn Ngoma, ThabangFree verse
an angry cliche Thorisdottir , IngvarI do not know?
This Thing that was Us Smith, ArleneVerse
The Blizzard Williams, MarilynFree verse
Summer by the river Lynch, MartinFree verse
Rights McLeod, TrevorQuatrain
I set out Lynch, MartinBlank verse
Unnatural Sight cook, EzraI do not know?
When Jesus Comes for Me Squires, John Rhyme
It's Dangerous To Dream Pinet, EmileRhyme
A Place In the Sun Bradley, WilliamRhyme
Marry Me Smith, TimFree verse
Bisous Nikita Peranteau, JamesFree verse
Sparkle Anderson, MegFree verse
YOU Fox, SadieFree verse
Tunnel of Love Smith, ArleneVerse
Heaven By Design Schumacker, EarlDizain
All Glory Goes to You Squires, John Sonnet
Scars Fox, SadieFree verse
Sweet Melody Squires, John Rhyme
When It Snows Larivee, KathyFree verse
I Will Not Doubt Squires, John Rhyme
Benny Blue Beetle Squires, John Rhyme
Friends Garcia Howard Bramble, PatriciaFree verse
Miasma Ripening Roark, OdinFree verse
A Griffin Ndhine, GriffinsBallad
Magic Beans Fraser, CarlFree verse
Should you take me Ndhine, GriffinsBallad
I have three sons CHAKRABARTY, RAJAT KANTISenryu
Love Ndhine, GriffinsBallad
Underwear Rigoler, MauriceLight Poetry
Story of an Illegal Immigrant Ben, SuFree verse
Fast Forward Co, LisaFree verse
The Proctologist Rigoler, MauriceLight Poetry
The Smallest Gesture Cosmic, SurferFree verse
shangrila Rigoler, MauriceGrook
Silence Kehl, AlexanderDramatic monologue
THER'S A GOD curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
MUSIC KINGS MUSIC GOES ON curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
Free Ndhine, GriffinsBallad
WE ALL BELONG curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
A Hell of a Surprise Rigoler, MauriceLight Poetry
On This Valentine Adel, MohamedRhyme
fitting in Earnings, J. W. M.Free verse
FROSTY DAY IN THE CITY Beck, SidneyFree verse
Many a bride dreams of this night Lynn, SandraRengay
Rewards of My Days W, HENRYLyric
Why the change Lynn, SandraRhyme
SAME BOAT curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
MAKE YOUR MARK curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaProse Poetry
Thought and The People Anyikwa, ChukwuemekaDidactic
POWER WORD TRY curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaProse Poetry
Springtime Rose Zerbst, IsaiahQuatrain
NOURISHING WOMEN Gnik, Nehpets Rhyme
Magic Beans Roper, EveFree verse
Do's and Don'ts Foster, AdellFootle
Revealing His name Mendoza, Jacqueline R.Light Poetry
Vacant Bronson, BrianLyric
In Dreams of You Smith, ArleneVerse
ROSES austin, daverTanka
Lost In This Cruel World mcdaid, liamFree verse
Mysterious Name Mendoza, Jacqueline R.Light Poetry
Roses from Heaven Part II Crawford, BettyLyric
Is life Time, JustinVerse
May her love Mars, HonchoFree verse
What Does The Crow Say Stevenson, JerryHaiku
Not Worth It brewer, JennyFree verse
Heaven Chutani, MohanDizain
defibrillator Blixrud, ZakFree verse
My Pet brewer, JennyFree verse
Your Beauty Galinta, LeonoraQuatrain
Magic Beans Meade, DavidFree verse
Happy Birthday Mike Hoose, Mary Jo Rhyme
You can't hurt me anymore honest , being I do not know?
My Love Harvey, BrandonDramatic Verse
Dark Akanbi, OlusegunClassicism
Lonely Heart Steel, D.Rhyme
Caribe Hilton Winter Bdosa, VeeIambic Pentameter
In The Light Petersen Potter, DorianVillanelle
- Sparkling Loving Moments - Andresen, Anne LiseVerse
The Rise Of The Phoenix ban, arnRhyme
Within The Heart Of Me Steel, D.Rhyme
a stone in thy bed Vuy, George DeeFree verse
Wakes the Night Smith, BevRhyme royal
Fate Of The Future ban, arnRhyme
Pain ban, arnRhyme
A boat without its oar ban, arnRhyme
A Man Among Men Ellison, JackNarrative
My home AR, NadiyaRhyme
Pee-Pee Retention Ellison, JackNarrative
Only Righteousness Remains Steel, D.Free verse
One Day Diedericks, MarizaneFree verse
Life Diedericks, MarizaneFree verse
Liquidity Curtis, Jerry TLimerick
hunger hansen, jan oskarBlank verse
The Dachshund Kendrick, SaraRhyme
HEART BREAK Cooper, ShaneFree verse
Because you have left Diedericks, MarizaneFree verse
THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD GAVE Mutindi, GraceFree verse
being one with earth Browne, DavinaI do not know?
I will always be there Lochner, Martin Free verse
PUSHY PARENTING samuel, evrodFree verse
Admission fouts, jessicaI do not know?
The High Priestess stephens, theresaVerse
In God's Hands Horn, JamesCouplet
Endless Road Strauss, LeiNarrative
Home of Happiness Hamilton, ShadowFree verse
Lesson To Be Learned leake, kevinRhyme
TIME FOR 'ENOUGH' Mutindi, GraceLyric
our writer, tattooedVerse