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New Poems

Consecrated Lords Prayer freeman, johnDidactic
Love and Marriage Ward, JuliaFootle
A day flower LUDOVICK, EMANUELBallad
Apparition Allen, SkyyFree verse
Drugs Are Safe Schumacker, EarlFree verse
Becoming Something Better Halliday, Mark J.Senryu
I will never stop writing hunjeri, njeriFree verse
Setting in the Western Ocean taylor, R. e.Free verse
MY SPIRIT SINGS Guillermo, Olive EloisaAbecedarian
No more higher hunjeri, njeriFree verse
Possibillities Cortez, LupitaI do not know?
SHADOWMAN Smith, BevFree verse
The Inspiration Store Ellison, JackQuatrain
I Plead Parida, BibhuRhyme
Ninja, The Smoothie Maker Ellison, JackLimerick
Wonders Of Space Pinet, EmileAbecedarian
Through The Rhythmic Sound Of Solitude Chircop , CharmaineFree verse
Time Brevity Nance, CasarahRhyme
Stop Crying, My Friend Zaini, FatinFree verse
Hats Ellison, JackQuatrain
A Lost Kid in the City Zaini, FatinFree verse
On the Mountain Zaini, FatinFree verse
In Pursuit of Tranquility Zaini, FatinFree verse
Orange Lantern Zaini, FatinFree verse
The Great Departure Zaini, FatinFree verse
Brace Yourself, My Lover Zaini, FatinFree verse
Neutron Star Gann, JasonI do not know?
All the Worlds There Are Ronnow, RobertVerse
Sunny side up no more scrambled skunk Lamoureux, RichardFree verse
CUSTODIANS OF PLEASANT DID Muideen, AfolabiFree verse
Sad Canada Jr., DomingoFree verse
Reliance bartholomew, cortneyLight Poetry
The painful book Sivakumar, PoojaRhyme
Love Is A Dove Gann, JasonRhyme
Mirage Young, AlexisFree verse
Beneath The Night Sky mpume, katlegoCouplet
A Moon Manakin Horn, JamesHaiku
GARDEN Thornton, JoelCarpe Diem
An Amen Haiku Horn, JamesHaiku
Saturn Spews And Holds Gann, JasonRhyme
when news was easy hansen, jan oskarBlank verse
Believe mabale, lonelyBlank verse
I HAPPEN TO FIND YOU mabale, lonelyAlliteration
Liberation Jha, AmritaFree verse
WE ARE PREY Faith, EdojaDidactic
LOST mabale, lonelyAbecedarian
Loss Gann, JasonRhyme
GUTS AND GAIN CLUB Guyler, IanSenryu
The Undead Lanier, BoFree verse
In The Land of the Red Rising Sun Lanier, BoFree verse
Light on the Devil's Chord - Day 8 Breidenthal, LauraFree verse
Three and France Ward, JuliaBlitz
Friday Dawn Baumgarn, BrianFree verse
Land of the lost mlangeni, XihlukeLight Poetry
Eighteen Cassio, KayRhyme
Hoshla Mishra Jnv, ShikhaFree verse
Our Revealed Love Alqadi, MofeedSonnet
Visitations Clark, JackRhyme
APPLE MAN Big Gut Weight Gain Guyler, IanBio
e-mail ka jmana hai Mishra Jnv, ShikhaLyric
My Child Ward, JuliaVillanelle
Gardner and the Meadow Boza, RyanAbecedarian
Squirrel Watching johnson, curtisProse Poetry
No Longer Young Ward, JuliaPantoum
Sins From The Soul Within Wardlow, Christian Free verse
Places I'Lyezette holmes, peterVerse
Saturday Night Zaini, FatinFree verse
Ultimately McMillan Jr., LarryRhyme
Helping The Old, Die - G and G Wings, BrokenSuzette Prime
A writer's woe Salim, FarhaFree verse
F h Harrell, ToquyenFree verse
Reborn By The Thorn Nance, CasarahRhyme
Freedom's Call Zerbst, IsaiahAcrostic
Short poems - set 2 Costales, JosefinaCinquain
Windstar Terry, JaneceElegy
Purple Shadows Zerbst, IsaiahVerse
Rain and Roses del rosario, jhucelNarrative
All My Love Johnson-Saunders, RhondaRhyme
One Master Terry, JaneceRhyme
a need B , BrandyFree verse
CRYBABIES Walker , Verlena S. Rhyme
Flying High Sanchez, PanditaQuintain (English)
Short poems - set 1 Costales, JosefinaCinquain
Loneiness Martin, ThomasTanka
Mississippi Crossing Martin, ThomasTanka
This Misty Mountain Road Gilbert, AidanRhyme
Heterodox Genesis Ben, SuFree verse
LAUGHTER Enriquez, LeonCouplet
Rendezvous Bankson, DavidFree verse
untitled Paul, WmRhyme
thank you jordan-rowell, janessaABC
Why Are Folk So Frightened Duggan, PeterRhyme
Life as I know It Slydell, RoshaniqueRhyme
THOUGHTS Enriquez, LeonEpigram
GOODWILL Enriquez, LeonRubai
SHADOWS TRYST lawless, JohnVerse
why do you love me jordan-rowell, janessaABC
DREAMER Enriquez, LeonSonnet
missing you Slydell, RoshaniqueRhyme
Political Assassin Nazarene , Antipas Ballad
SG50 GOLDEN JUBILEE 2015 Enriquez, LeonSonnet
the 4th of july jordan-rowell, janessaABC
CHARADES Enriquez, LeonAlliteration
Running Sheppard, AmberI do not know?
What Is Love von Erlach Schutz, GwenRhyme
drought Williams , Dennis Haiku
The Queen Returns Bear, MamaRhyme
Refrain bauer, ileneRhyme
Streets Of All Evil Poetry, ShepherdI do not know?
oblivion Williams , Dennis Haiku
I'm Not Who I Seem to Be Rylaarsdam, MerwinFree verse
Walking as The Rain Does Fall Duggan, PeterRhyme
Racing Reverie Johannes, EdwardClerihew
GLORIFY simpkins, susanRhyme
Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan Johannes, EdwardClerihew
Hopeless Romantic Martin, ThomasTanka
Rancher to Spacer Johannes, EdwardClerihew
Tyson Snacks Johannes, EdwardClerihew
Dullard President Johannes, EdwardClerihew
Nutrition Sankey-Lewis, IrisTanka
We Are Our Future Sankey-Lewis, IrisBio
Third Bush Not Johannes, EdwardClerihew
No Latino Johannes, EdwardClerihew
Republican Vandal Johannes, EdwardClerihew
Lionel Trains Owner Johannes, EdwardClerihew
Shadows - Contest Konos, JudyRhyme
Choose Ye This Day Nazarene , Antipas Didactic
God Has No Religion Nazarene , Antipas Didactic
Outer Space Longing Johannes, EdwardFibonacci
What road Harrell, ToquyenFree verse
The absence of innocence Lamoureux, RichardNarrative
Four Seasons in Haiku Terry, JaneceHaiku
- Comfortably Numb Feelings - mcdaid, liamFree verse
Just Shadows Lingering Wings, BrokenRhyme
Bad Rap Terry, JaneceLyric
Waiting up for Irene Clark, EdwardJFree verse
A Mother's Best Rose, MysticFree verse
high yellow black chick - Senryu Contest Harding, LyciaSenryu
My cyber family poetry contest One, SilentFree verse
A Tribute to Robin Williams Terry, JaneceElegy
Toxic Petrel, DawruinVerse
will I be at the station for the train coming labeau, catherineFree verse
Throbs Petrel, DawruinVerse
My Father's House Terry, JaneceRhyme
Solstice Petrel, DawruinVerse
Public Places Stoner Jr, RobertRhyme
Sacrament Oliver Rotman, MaryLyric
Thank God for the Day Wetter, MatthewLyric
Playing Cards Bankson, DavidFree verse
CHRONIC ILLNESS Rockwell, CindiFree verse
The One Named Jesus Reese, CharlesRhyme
A Summer Game Heemstra, RobertCouplet
Control Harrell, ToquyenFree verse
Poison Ivy of Assumption Comet, HaileyFree verse
Deceptive road Harrell, ToquyenFree verse
Fish-River morton, leroyEpitaph
The sky is a limit Harrell, ToquyenFree verse
Incase I end up alone Duffy, AlexFree verse
Bull Harrell, ToquyenFree verse
- Haiku X 59 - Divine Dew - Andresen, Anne LiseHaiku
Unapologetic Duffy, AlexFree verse
On the run Sheppard, AmberI do not know?
Desperation Duffy, AlexFree verse
Vessel of Fate, Before thee I pledge Okonkwo, ChumaVerse
Jibberish Hitz, BillyRhyme royal
Letter to Eminem Duffy, AlexFree verse
You're Crazy Lanier, BoFree verse
Place Taylor, MakennaFree verse
Lost at Sea OMara, AmandaI do not know?
Blank Paper Babcock, PhyllisFree verse
At all costs Sheppard, AmberI do not know?
Kisses Ward, JuliaAcrostic
moving Sheppard, AmberI do not know?
Meth Sheppard, AmberI do not know?
Come With Me Gillett, AveryFree verse
Lexi Sheppard, AmberI do not know?
emptyness franklin, georgeBio
Spiteful Woman At Death's Door Morgan, DeniseHaiku
Mother Nature's Little Prince Bateman, GaryNarrative
choosing Sheppard, AmberI do not know?
No Boundaries Morgan, DeniseHaiku
Blank page Sheppard, AmberI do not know?
Poetry Soup Alqadi, MofeedLight Poetry
Stealth Warrior Morgan, DeniseHaiku
Beneath the stars Carter, LeeFree verse
REMEMBERING TUNISIA Ashton, DarrylLight Poetry
Exploring Morgan, DeniseHaiku
Between Us Morgan, DeniseHaiku
Melting Moments Frozen In Time Smith, TimFree verse
On The Cusp Morgan, DeniseHaiku
Hoarse Morgan, DeniseHaiku
Birds and Bees Broadbent, RobertAlliteration
Bleeding Love Songs Morgan, DeniseHaiku