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New Poems

SHE'S WET Rose, MysticLimerick
ENTROPY Smith, ElizabethCouplet
Altruism Borgo, LouisDidactic
Epistemology Borgo, LouisDidactic
Death Dive in the Alps Fox, NigelFree verse
Accepting the way things are Arlique, JaeRhyme
Going to America Kizilos, ApostolosBio
I planted a seed Santana, RobertoPastoral
After the Vietnams and the Me Leis Kizilos, ApostolosEpic
Have Mercy Jennings, PaulRhyme
IN THE SMALL HOURS - May, JosephVerse
Death on Highway 12 Kizilos, ApostolosElegy
don't let them see you cry Jennings, PaulRhyme
Blossoms and Bubbles seal, georgeSonnet
Headed for Byzantium Kizilos, ApostolosFree verse
A Soldier's Life Santana, RobertoOde
Mornings Kizilos, ApostolosFree verse
the txt Brown, DavidI do not know?
Knowledge of Good and Evil Rogers, JohnAlexandrine
Apprentice at Grief Kizilos, ApostolosFree verse
Moments hunjeri, njeriFree verse
My Oriole Friend Kizilos, ApostolosFree verse
Did The Tree Spirits Die Too Lindley, RobertRhyme
Too Long Away Merrill, MelQuatrain
Forever King, ElizabethI do not know?
calm at sea Rosine, CarlBlank verse
Worth Her Salt dailey, mikeEpic
Left Over Filters Shafi, OmerI do not know?
Me Arlique, JaeRhyme
I am an Anti War Creature Hadjira, ZINEBallade
Dangerous is presence of the feeling called Power Kataria, PrithvirajI do not know?
The Unicorn Ward, JuliaNarrative
Ice-Fire-Love Schumacker, EarlFree verse
Cowboy Up Butts, SeymorSenryu
The Ship of State Aimee, GloriaI do not know?
Tell me Speight, PhaedraABC
Like a lyric and a song Alhemaidy, AbdullahFree verse
The Balance Of My Soul Haight, SandraRhyme
Here again qusamat, ajibayeNarrative
Blue Falcon part 1 Kopec, PatrycjuszRhyme
Blue Falcon part 2 Kopec, PatrycjuszRhyme
NARCISSUS Guyler, IanLight Poetry
In just 3 Days McLaurin, ShekellaI do not know?
BABY AM FOR YOU curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
DEAD IS DEAD curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
I See Linklater, SarahRhyme
WORK TOGETHER curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
Confession Arlique, JaeRhyme
NEW DAY NEW TIME curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
To Spring Whalen, DavidHaiku
What Mankind Forgot Linklater, SarahRhyme
Coronach Mcconville, LizzieFree verse
I'm Here Jungquist, JamesI do not know?
Edge Of Tomorrow Doyle, Gail AngelRhyme
Moneyless world PRASANTI, KEWALLight Poetry
Look What Jesus Gave Us Price, FranklinRhyme
From Conception to Ascension Price, FranklinRhyme
Blinded by the light Malik, AbdulLanterne
Which Way Aul, GeorgeLimerick
Help alam, ashiqABC
On Aging Gracefully Rylaarsdam, MerwinVerse
LAST JOURNEY Enriquez, LeonSonnet
Love burns bright Smith, BevRhyme
When the yellow moon Lynch, MartinFree verse
Aansu shukla, amitLyric
Different Barclay, BernardNarrative
CHANGES Karna, SwekshaVerse
Blossoms And Bubbles Doyle, Gail AngelQuatrain
THE THIEVES ON THE CROSS Walker , Verlena S. Epic
Sons Of Liberty Lawrence, RobertLyric
Little Thinking Kendrick, SaraSapphic stanza
letter of apology Mupedzapasi, TinasheFree verse
My Amen Is Fixed Yates, BillFree verse
Unattended Bright, ShiningProse
In Doubt, Hope Remains Yates, BillFree verse
Reply to Existentialism Yates, BillFree verse
Divine Song Bright, ShiningLyric
Milkshake REAMS, TAMMYProse
A Bitter Sweet feeling Mackin, NikkiRhyme
PEACE Das, NanditaRhyme
TODAY 7 Enriquez, LeonRhyme
I Think You've Missed The Boat Barclay, BernardNarrative
The Room of Books Waits Yates, BillFree verse
My True Love Bright, ShiningProse
crazy but amazing Mupedzapasi, TinasheQuatrain
End of the World Yates, BillFree verse
LIVING Enriquez, LeonEpigram
Success Alvstad, ZacharyRhyme
As Memories Fade Roper, EveFree verse
Untitled Alvstad, ZacharyRhyme
A Poem For My Daughters Mackin, NikkiFree verse
Disaster bauer, ileneRhyme
A Moment Taken Flannery, VincentRhyme
Walking The Shoreline Gorelick, BarbaraRhyme
When the stars aligned Das, NanditaRhyme
All I Can Do Pinet, EmileFree verse
Life, The Interloper Yates, BillFree verse
Time for Dinner Gembali, JeswantRhyme royal
Is Sin Pulling You Down Pemberton, JimRhyme
Lost Dreams Gifford, DarleneRhyme
Jesus Gives the Victory For ANY Addiction Pemberton, JimRhyme
Lessons from Qoheleth Poteet, Reason A.Quatrain
May Our Life Honor Christ Pemberton, JimRhyme
May My Heart Be Broken For the Lost Pemberton, JimRhyme
Poetic Touch REMILI , HAMIDRhyme
I'll Follow Jesus Pemberton, JimRhyme
If You Talked To God Today Pemberton, JimRhyme
God's Love Is Beyond My Understanding Pemberton, JimRhyme
Will You Spend Time With Me Pemberton, JimRhyme
What Does It Mean to Be Blessed Pemberton, JimRhyme
I Lost Everything But Found Jesus Pemberton, JimRhyme
'Street Musicians' of the Night McClellan, SteveFree verse
Carmen Sunshine, CarmenAcrostic
A flower Andronic, FlorinRhyme
Cold Snap Adams, ConaFree verse
Some Mornings Smith, TimFree verse
What is real Turner, DeborahFree verse
Beautiful today's Smith, BevFree verse
Roses are Red Turner, DeborahFree verse
As the crow flys Marly, BobbRhyme
the ghost life Jennings, PaulRhyme
Surgeon's Hands Rigoler, MauriceLight Poetry
What Do You Think Rigoler, MauriceLight Poetry
Too Late Rigoler, MauriceLight Poetry
Grudges Rigoler, MauriceGrook
Desolation Pinet, EmileRhyme
A Poetry Reading Again Horn, JamesCouplet
Mum holmes, peterFree verse
Politician Chops A Tomato In His Kitchen, Another Politician Sips Tea In His Second Kitchen Spangles, SukiLight Poetry
Creations Jennings, PaulRhyme
Tributick - Ilene Bauer Wulf, JohnLimerick
Thar She Blows Ellison, JackLimerick
Down Marakalala, MamelodiI do not know?
Underground Sipping On Some Cosby Coffee PAPYRUS, KEITHProse
The Sanctum Of Sinsations Ellison, JackLimerick
Pretend Tricks Ellison, JackLimerick
Real housewives of poetrysoup hunjeri, njeriMonoku
Watching the Sun Rise Howell, RavenCouplet
I'M HERE, MY DEAR Buchanan, Willie A.Rhyme
Snow And Winter -Cynatelle- Jones, CynthiaFree verse
A Red Wig Ward, JuliaNarrative
Roses -Kimo- Jones, CynthiaKimo
UNSATISFIED Buchanan, Willie A.Rhyme
Peanut Fever -78 Quatrain- Jones, CynthiaQuatrain
Can You See the Real Me Flannery, VincentRhyme
Peace -Serventesio- Jones, CynthiaRhyme
My Pen -Words,Poet,Fame- Jones, CynthiaRhyme
Late Fall Snow -Rhyming Goliardic- Jones, CynthiaRhyme
MY DREAM Victory, FerdinardFree verse
Fall Begins -Ballad Stanza- Jones, CynthiaRhyme
Like you do hunjeri, njeriLight Poetry
A NATURAL HIGH Buchanan, Willie A.Rhyme
Chickadees Play -Swap Quatrain,Tanaga Combo- Jones, CynthiaRhyme
Chilly Winter Jones, CynthiaRhyme
Century twenty one JOHNSON, DONRhyme
Fidel Castro hansen, jan oskarBlank verse
Blustery Winds-Abbreviated Crown Haikus-My Own Style- Jones, CynthiaHaiku
Spring horne, jackSapphic stanza
SOUTHERN BELLE Guyler, IanLight Poetry
The Dance of Poems Srinivasan, SandhyaPersonification
beautiful virus Khatri, PranathCouplet
A Friend Of The Stars Mumo, HanningtonVerse
Whistles n' Bells Jennings, PaulRhyme
Politicians Duggan, PeterRhyme
comfrey Ward, JuliaVerse
UNSAID WORDS Guyler, IanLight Poetry
Rolling Latakia Ward, JuliaVerse
Chaos Walker, Michael I do not know?
Early retirement kriticos, KyleRhyme
Jealous Gratitude Bordner, JustinEpic
Climb Walker, Michael Free verse
TODAY 6 Enriquez, LeonRhyme
BECAUSE OF YOU 2 Enriquez, LeonCouplet
Retail Therapy - Poor Husband williams, johnLimerick
Peccavi Ward, JuliaVerse
dancing rivulet Ward, JuliaHaiku
jumping in a lake haiku King, MartyHaiku
sponsored by solace haiku King, MartyHaiku
Scarlet lady Dooney, James Verse
harmonizing wind chimes haiku King, MartyHaiku
you are not here King, MartyFree verse
my world of unfortunate truth King, MartyFree verse
The Most Important Things Edwards, Kim RobinLimerick
shadow stages King, MartyFree verse
Geranium Ponce, JakeFree verse
so much to say poet, kashHaiku
IMAGED Walker , Verlena S. Imagism
jarre-jarre me saans samete shukla, amitLyric
Empathy Andronic, FlorinLight Poetry
why maxwell, ashleyI do not know?
Elaborate proposal Arlique, JaeRhyme
Into The Night Nance, CasarahRhyme