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New Poems

I Wish I Were Nicolas Cage Molasar, RoderickQuatrain
Five Days Subba, AbhinandanPersonification
The Old Smile Subba, AbhinandanElegy
Martians Come In Waves II Molasar, RoderickQuatrain
Its Been A While S , Rob Free verse
A Christmas Memory Milliner, SaritaRhyme
Quote Me Rumi Cheema, BalveenFree verse
Gatekeeper of God's House Elaine, Mary- RoseRhyme
Line by Line, Enjoying the Roar Lindley, RobertLight Poetry
Fondest Moments of My Mother Elaine, Mary- RoseCouplet
Homemakers Alterego Bhurani, RizwanaDodoitsu
I Can't Play Piano For Shat Molasar, RoderickQuatrain
Moments With You Kingzley, ShakeelaEpic
Is this why we were born bhattacharjya, anjanjyotiNarrative
Leonardo par excellence Bhurani, RizwanaNonet
Swagman sharman, craigRhyme
Delicious Petersen Potter, DorianFree verse
QUOTE ME RUMI Lindley, RobertRhyme
Funeral Song Olitoquit, Hendreich Sonnet
Each and Every Other Day Elaine, Mary- RoseCouplet
Dreams of Devotion Elaine, Mary- RoseRhyme
Dancing Among Stars Elaine, Mary- RoseSenryu
Beauty of An Angel Elaine, Mary- RoseRhyme
Missing Touch Mata, Hanna MaeFree verse
Hope In Your Heart Negron, Nayda IvetteCinqku
YOUR NAME Dutta, AnishaTail-rhyme
Silver Mist Hamilton, ShadowOde
Being There Beam, JohnGrook
WORLD PEACE Grenness , JulieFree verse
BOURBON TALKING Grenness , JulieFree verse
Love Beam, JohnSenryu
Winter Sky Negron, Nayda IvetteCrystalline
Take time Osoteo, hemarcsOde
Memories of Mother Mermaid Cooke , Chantelle Anne Free verse
Tree Hugging beharry, johnHaiku
New Roomy Beam, JohnCouplet
reveal Osoteo, hemarcsRhyme
I Went To Heaven lawless, JohnFree verse
Every Song Tells a Story Cote, JordanFree verse
Quote Me Rumi Wings, BrokenGhazal
Contemplate Beam, JohnSenryu
To Deceive Gentry, SusanHaiku
TRACE Enriquez, LeonAlliteration
HAIKU CHEER Enriquez, LeonHaiku
My Precious One Reese, CharlesRhyme
A CONDUIT Walker , Verlena S. Free verse
Ophelia's Mirage barchettadrive, redBlank verse
Broadsided Beam, JohnBallad
sky blue haiku barchettadrive, redHaiku
Great Dane Lady Gentry, SusanHaiku
Detective Sparkly-Jaron Case-Part I Negron, Nayda IvetteFree verse
Love's eyes Clark, ChristinaFree verse
Believe CW, Theresa Rhyme
Demons in the code Gould, OliverOde
A Christmas Memory Stoner Jr, RobertVerse
The First Course Is Of Course First Curtis, Jerry TRhyme
Christmas memories Gee, AmeliaVerse
Christmas memories Ramos, TiffanyRhyme
to whom it may concern Dibaba, AssefaFree verse
Thanksgiving Graves, AllanLight Poetry
Heart of Arms Linney, Gary GeneI do not know?
Think Of Heaven Fullard, Stella I do not know?
Memes of Dreams in Paradigm Dillenbeck, GeraldFree verse
Silhouette of winter trees beneath a dove grey sky Bolam, GeorginaPastoral
Fallen leaves of burnt ochre Bolam, GeorginaPastoral
Eleventh hour cometh- for Poe contest Hamilton, JohnRhyme
Naughty Dreams Cribb, KarenLyric
Was it really there Underwood, GailFree verse
Spread Love Malik, AbdulQuatrain
A Fox and A Turkey CW, Theresa Light Poetry
I Went To Heaven Wings, BrokenVillanelle
Turkey Trot-Ought T.M., EveLimerick
there is a sound that sorrow makes creech, bruceFree verse
THE DANCING LIGHT chizoba vincent, johnMonoku
HAPPINESS Enriquez, LeonSonnet
URGE Enriquez, LeonRubai
GOING Enriquez, LeonCouplet
TOUCH Enriquez, LeonEpigram
LIGHT Enriquez, LeonSonnet
Hollow Feelings Aj, hafssaRhyme
I SEEk NO ATTENTION chizoba vincent, johnLyric
I AM A WOMAN chizoba vincent, johnLyric
Fill Me Up chizoba vincent, johnAlexandrine
WHEN YOUR ABSENCE HURTS chizoba vincent, johnABC
The Meaning of Thanksgiving Milliner, SaritaLight Poetry
The Jazz Bar Mkenzie, Nichola Free verse
The Light Is In Me Fullard, Stella I do not know?
Awesome Kendrick, SaraHaibun
Deep Thought Question Heemstra, RobertQuestionku
Brownie Treat Negron, Nayda IvetteEpulaeryu
A Futuristic Christmas johnson, curtisProse Poetry
Defend Your Name Fullard, Stella I do not know?
He Speaks Zen Krieger, CJProse
Sweet Cologne Kayode, KAYOD5Rhyme
Black Friday Martin, ThomasTanka
Turkey's Arm in Barn Whispering-Breathless, WillowLimerick
Just For Me Minor, JeannieRhyme
Life, Love And My Poetry Dhakal, PurushottamFree verse
Turkey Gobbler Kelly, ReneeLimerick
Liberte Datu, LeonRhyme
Your Second Chance Negron, Nayda IvetteNinette
Dance of Romance Thomas, MelodyVerse
- White Snow Queens - Andresen, Anne LiseLight Poetry
Crave Bopalamo, LeboI do not know?
Christmas Memories Gorelick, BarbaraQuatrain
haiku of 30 Thousand Years barchettadrive, redHaiku
I Am Primal Slave Linney, Gary GeneI do not know?
Invisible Pinet, EmileRhyme
Epic Sighting Sergi, RalphLyric
Accept Yourself Negron, Nayda IvetteRictameter
Minis bauer, ileneRhyme
Monsieur L'Vampyre and the Black Lady of Paris Bdosa, VeeIambic Pentameter
Quote me Rumi-no goodbyes for contest Hamilton, JohnAcrostic
Leading Men Heemstra, RobertCouplet
Turkey Day leake, kevinLimerick
A Life of Darkness T.M., EveRhyme
Synthesis Of Life Negron, Nayda IvetteAcrostic
My love Kopec, PatrycjuszRhyme
Optimizing Thanksgiving-It-Forward Dillenbeck, GeraldNarrative
A Flower Blossoms Powers, AlbertFree verse
From The First Time That I Saw You Chircop , CharmaineFree verse
A Christmas Memory Callus, PaulQuatrain
Pray to Pope for Hope Horn Haiku Horn, JamesHaiku
QUOTE ME RUMI Urbaniak, LauraRhyme
Beach Dreams Rose, MysticLimerick
Tyranny from heaven Chalise, DeepakPersonification
Why tonight Mata, Hanna MaeFree verse
Christmas Morn, That Midnight Was Born Lindley, RobertRhyme
My Writings Babbit, DMFree verse
A Thanksgiving of Grace Flannery, VincentRhyme
mental illness trolan, staceyABC
The White Tiger Mo., NaniHaibun
To the Hungry Years Babbit, DMFree verse
Sunshine Gold A. Sharma, Dr. UpmaQuatrain
I Went to Heaven's Door Babbit, DMRhyme
world war 3 hansen, jan oskarBlank verse
Changes Petersen Potter, DorianFree verse
Thankful For Today Hodge III, MelvinAcrostic
Stolen Stare Dumogz, ImRhyme
A Christmas memory A. Sharma, Dr. UpmaQuatrain
Happy Thanksgiving The Luckiest Bird Around Roper, EveRhyme
ReGenesis of Namaste Dillenbeck, GeraldFree verse
Preparing for the Sweat Lodge Jones, JerrellFree verse
Said the turkey Murder Zaladin, A.Free verse
Turkey Breast Best Horn, JamesCouplet
The Field Holmes, Peter LewisVerse
Southern Journey Antony, MarcusI do not know?
Mine S , Rob Free verse
Poco a Poco Adewuyi, AdejumokeRhyme
Won't You Accept Jesus Pemberton, JimRhyme
Sexual Addictions Are Destroying Our Families Pemberton, JimRhyme
Christ Paid A Debt I Couldn't Pay Pemberton, JimRhyme
Jesus Won't Leave Me Pemberton, JimRhyme
Were Here For A Moment In Time Pemberton, JimRhyme
I'm Going to Pray And Believe In God Pemberton, JimRhyme
We Need to Believe in God And Not Doubt Him Pemberton, JimRhyme
Jesus Is the Reason I'm Here Pemberton, JimRhyme
Marylou Swingler, MaryQuatrain
HAPPY THANSGIVING dunn, cherlFree verse
Do We Want Man's Opinion Or God's Truth Pemberton, JimRhyme
The Lord Is Wonderful Pemberton, JimRhyme
What a Body Vassallo, Alfred Quatrain
Old Krieger, CJProse
My Charming Wee Genie Ellison, JackLimerick
Dirty Little Buggers Ellison, JackLimerick
T'nod Emalb Em, S'ti Nhoj, S'nhoj Tluaf Ellison, JackLimerick
Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent - Part Two Wignesan, TVillanelle
Purple Martin Jones, JerrellFree verse
An Angel Sees His Face Lamoureux, RichardTerzanelle
dignity hole campbell, malI do not know?
Eggs Benediction Raindrops, FallingFree verse
I Am Conklin, RandallDramatic monologue
To love or not to love One, SilentRhyme
10 Things I've Learned From Loveths Dumogz, ImFree verse
My Angel Whispers Lane, LinSenryu
SECURITY Sankey-Lewis, IrisHaiku
Give Thanks Price, FranklinRhyme
Peace oh please Mumu, AnnieFree verse
my body is a corpse campbell, malI do not know?
Nude Wrestling Hunt sr, HaroldFree verse
house of bone campbell, malI do not know?
pleas campbell, malI do not know?
One Last Time tor, michaelFree verse
He walks alone Gren, TeppoSonnet
So Far Away Raindrops, FallingLyric
I And The Eye Cheema, BalveenHaibun
Battle Plan Raindrops, FallingRhyme
An IOU Raindrops, FallingFree verse
Sin Rose, MysticFree verse
WINTER TRACERY Strand, BrianVerse
The OASIS Raindrops, FallingFree verse
DESERT SONG Raindrops, FallingLyric
A FLAMING JEWEL Raindrops, FallingSonnet
TEMPLE Raindrops, FallingFree verse
The Russian Warplane Shot Down Over Syria Monihan, RhodaQuestionku