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New Poems

Lola Vassallo, AlfredRhyme
Butterfly Dance Carter, EveRhyme
august forenoon hansen, jan oskarBallade
Plastered Basement Life, ZoeTanka
Puzzle the Muzzle Chords, ChelseaTanka
STORMY Enriquez, LeonTriolet
PEONY Enriquez, LeonSonnet
INDULGENCE Enriquez, LeonSonnet
GLIMPSES Enriquez, LeonSonnet
BIRTHDAY Enriquez, LeonSonnet
JUST WATCH Enriquez, LeonHaiku
Mama its Ebola Pen, JohnDramatic Verse (Verse Drama)
The gift of tolerance Roberts, SerenVerse
To Have me or Have Not michaels, christopherVerse
Yes you can Zungu, BonganiI do not know?
Lady Rose Vassallo, AlfredQuatrain
Right to Remain Silent Lewis, TSFree verse
COPLA 89 INVOCATION: This Bad Guy World Wignesan, TDramatic monologue
night breeze Henderson, CharlesHaiku
You Do,You Do,You Do Edwards, Kim RobinLimerick
Has It Always Been Lee, JoelRhyme
THE PROPHECY Walker , Verlena S. Dramatic Verse (Verse Drama)
SEED OF WISDOM Trifiatis, DemetriosEpigram
Rudderless Kumar, ManojFree verse
Love, learn and Forget Orozco, EdwardFree verse
Peace and Love My Definition Schojan, EricFree verse
The Gift Rose, MysticDramatic monologue
A Shoreline Tide Shannon, AndrewRomanticism
A Poet's Last Stand roberts, EdFree verse
special trips mean much haiku King, MartyHaiku
The Fifth Seal roberts, EdFree verse
lips on lips Yvonne, MauriceFree verse
birthdays ARE special haiku King, MartyHaiku
All of Heaven Above Horn, JamesCouplet
sweet massage from her haiku King, MartyHaiku
candlelight mystery King, MartyFree verse
feeling incomplete while lost in thought King, MartyFree verse
My Lady Requests So Much Lindley, RobertSonnet
Suggestions and Thoughts Horn, JamesBlank verse
yet and still it's alright King, MartyFree verse
Beyond Compare Horn, JamesCouplet
A Silken Red Rose Hoose, Mary Jo Rhyme
Lord Give Me Strength Rose, MysticDramatic monologue
Prejudice Schneiter, PaulRhyme
Bliss in my Ignorance Ioane, Tiaua MRhyme
The Big Game Marin, MarioFree verse
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Yvonne, MauriceNarrative
Following in his footsteps Brown, DavidVerse
Never Give Up Life Gets Better davis, robinRhyme
Negative Henderson, StevenElegy
Monsters Beware Curtis, Jerry TRhyme
Eating Clams Horn, JamesCouplet
My Beauty Is Deeply Hidden davis, robinRhyme
Angel's Soul clarke, michaelRhyme
Emotions Henderson, StevenMonoku
On Halloween Night Schumacker, EarlFree verse
Heeding My Hearts Warning davis, robinRhyme
No More Storms To Drench My Life davis, robinRhyme
Back In The Day Schojan, EricFree verse
You Just Sealed Your Doomed Fate davis, robinRhyme
Influenza Stanza Trichet, MarkFree verse
Without Control Henderson, StevenOttava rima
Summer Sleeps While Autumn Peeks davis, robinRhyme
PILLS HARM Thajudeen, Muhammad SafaFree verse
MY CONTEST Konos, JudyFootle
DISPOSITION Byrne, DavidFree verse
REAL LOVE Walker , Verlena S. Sonnet
5 Poet, GunFree verse
ThE mArK oF tHe bEaSt Rix, GwendolenDramatic monologue
The Gift Gibson, FayeVerse
Tomorrow's Poem Gifford, DarleneFree verse
Tomorrow's Poem Gifford, DarleneFree verse
Treatment Vassallo, AlfredRictameter
Haiku Collection Hamilton, ShadowHaiku
At the Track bauer, ileneRhyme
PANIC ATTACK Allison, JanTanka
POETRY RIPPED AND TORN Gruhn, Robert WilliamDramatic Verse (Verse Drama)
Love thy neigbour mcdaid, liamFree verse
an odd old man Costello, ChristineRhyme
Rainbow Gold Hamilton, ShadowHaiku
The Gift Riddle, ReginaVerse
The Loop Aamir, AsadFree verse
they punish me when i stand up for myself lawrence , Tracey Dramatic Verse (Verse Drama)
TIME Paul, WmRhyme
He Meier-Hans, BrendaTanka
In Response to What Am I Horn, JamesCouplet
Poison In the Well Nance, CasarahRhyme
Who Am I davidson, terriBio
Romance Shanta, Elizabeth-DeaFree verse
The Gift Powell, IsaiahRhyme
INDIFFERENCE Enriquez, LeonCouplet
PHOENIX Enriquez, LeonSonnet
AMBROSIA Enriquez, LeonSonnet
Titanic Zeugma Devonshire, CarolynTriolet
PASSAGE Enriquez, LeonHaiku
The Year I Had In Halls Hannan, RoryFree verse
Addictive Poetry: For Ali Yvonne, MauriceFree verse
A Mother's Sunshine Angel Doyle, GailRhyme
Still Alive Angel Doyle, GailRhyme
Nomad of the Centuries Gibson, FayeFree verse
Summer's End Angel Doyle, GailRhyme
Ferguson Jordan, KenProse Poetry
Awakening Smith, TimQuatrain
In Heaven High Vassallo, AlfredVerse
That's Life Nance, CasarahTanka
HUMANITARIAN Larson, PaulaMonorhyme
Tune Me Yvonne, MauriceFree verse
The Lonely Hearts Killer Hannan, RoryRhyme
Its autumn now- summers end contest Roberts, SerenVerse
You're my lady, made for me Nazeer, AsgharFree verse
The drums beat softly Hunt sr, HaroldFree verse
Cupid Nelly, FrankLimerick
THE GIFT Arowolo, olusegunDramatic monologue
MOON OVER THE RIVER curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
Football Footles Smith, TimFootle
owl ramirez, kathrynCouplet
It's A Miracle Kendrick, SaraLyric
Dance Pisoh, NyonglemaAcrostic
Yet I Remain lawless, JohnFree verse
BLIND MAN'S BRAILLE lingwati, obedienceProse Poetry
That Kind of Day lawless, JohnFree verse
Alert in One Vassallo, AlfredTanka
October Envy Gibson, FayeFree verse
Betrayal My Love Schumacker, EarlFree verse
late night cries lacy, debbieRhyme
Bring Me Peace Johnson, MichaelProse Poetry
The Moon Human, DanielCouplet
Quantum Traveler Kiser, M. L. Prose Poetry
The laugh of the child Human, DanielFree verse
Precious Foot Cradles Kiser, M. L. Prose
The Call Human, DanielCouplet
No ordinary teatime Kiser, M. L. Free verse
What Am I Rose, MysticQuatrain
Elderberry Bush Kiser, M. L. Ninette
Healthy Harvest Kiser, M. L. Ninette
Ghost House Kiser, M. L. Lanterne
What Is A Dog Kiser, M. L. Lanterne
The truth Has No Hue marszalowicz, karlDidactic
the light shines through Costello, ChristineFree verse
Esoteric Wisdom Kiser, M. L. Sijo
Paradise Fallen JT, HonestlyQuatrain
The Sadnessss of A Man Johnson, MichaelFree verse
VCR-Very Cool Rhythms marszalowicz, karlImagism
She Gives And Gives Kiser, M. L. Sijo
a great mom lacy, debbieRhyme
Nature Music Kiser, M. L. Sestina
he said lacy, debbieRhyme
Busted Callus, PaulTriolet
IF ONLY THEY HAD LISTENED chizoba vincent, johnAcrostic
On Halloween Night Stevens, GenevieveQuatrain
Song of forest echoes Kopec, PatrycjuszRhyme
Blue Bird Alhemaidy, AbdullahFree verse
Tell Me Why Bronson, BrianFree verse
Standing on the Edge Meier-Hans, BrendaRhyme
LETTER TO A MOTHER chizoba vincent, johnAlliteration
Tina and Miss Myrtle Meier-Hans, BrendaRhyme
BROKEN TOMORROW chizoba vincent, johnAcrostic
Tanka Moogi, Dr anuradhaTanka
HAVE YOU SEEN MY UNCLE chizoba vincent, johnNarrative
FALLING THROUGH UNSEEN CRACKS Gruhn, Robert WilliamDramatic Verse (Verse Drama)
Growth Bovee, JeffreyFree verse
BLOOD IN THE STREET chizoba vincent, johnABC
Foul air Knyr, VolodymyrCouplet
SO Far Away Breidenthal, David WilliamLyric
YOU CANT BUY ME chizoba vincent, johnABC
Enlightenment JACKSON, LINDAHaiku
The Gift Schumacker, EarlVerse
I WILL ALWAYS Hayes, EvelynProse Poetry
Advice Gorelick, BarbaraTanka
Life Story by Peter White my lyrics Franceschini, MargaretFree verse
The last hurdle Harrell, ToquyenFree verse
Drifting Through The Stars Hilmy, HasanCouplet
love in my heart Roper, EveBlank verse
SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
Suffering Shanta, Elizabeth-DeaSijo
on a nude model against a black porous mountain one evening Yvonne, MauriceFree verse
TO BE LOVE GIVE LOVE curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
Song of Mortality jones, dennisFree verse
Truthfulness Vassallo, AlfredNonet
NO WHERE TO RUN curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
MONEY AND SEX curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
The Love of Two People Roper, EveBlank verse
Angel clarke, michaelRhyme
tape measure Kendrick, SaraSenryu
WEDGES lawless, JohnFree verse
poetry consumes Kendrick, SaraSenryu
Runaway Bride A. Sharma, Dr. UpmaRhyme
The Texas Poet Two Step Curtis, Jerry TLyric
Pain and Joy Hall, PeterFree verse
The force of nature Hall, PeterRhyme
Haiku 115 Vassallo, AlfredHaiku