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New Poems

Heart fuel mcdaid, liamFree verse
The Humble Pie Darcy, VickiRhyme
Weather paul, gregAcrostic
Smiles And Dreams paul, gregRhyme
What is the Picture Atfield, William J. Jr.Rhyme
You Never Said Goodbye paul, gregRhyme
Love At First Touch paul, gregRhyme
Halloween Is Over paul, gregRhyme
Hurty Halloween Helppi, DanIambic Pentameter
HALLOWEEN Baez, Sebastian AaronAcrostic
Cant Help Myself paul, gregRhyme
Not What You Expect Day, SeanFree verse
Once they Come to an End Nub, HabzyRhyme
Remember Van Ham, Josh Ballad
Waterfall Dietrich, AndreaVerse
once our world had younger eyes Foreman, AndrewRhyme
Distance paul, gregRhyme
How to make love last Shanta, Elizabeth-DeaSijo
Monsters Ruiz, KimberlyLyric
A New Day Ruiz, KimberlyLyric
Lift The Children Up paul, gregRhyme
The Road Less Traveled paul, gregRhyme
Never Give Up paul, gregRhyme
Halloween Night Leach, AlesiaRhyme
What Does The Pig Say Stevenson, JerryHaiku
The Heart of Imagination Lamoureux, RichardPersonification
Black Shuck Kopec, PatrycjuszRhyme
October Petersen Potter, DorianTanka
Fear Tesfaye, HaileRhyme
To Your Health - Monotetra Petersen Potter, DorianRhyme
Always a Dream mcdaid, liamNarrative
The Redeemer Tesfaye, HaileRhyme
THE NEW HEAD MAN Arribas, JohnRhyme
For Halloween Inside, AlysBlank verse
Halloween Witch Leach, AlesiaRhyme
Black fruits - in french - Chabriere, reneFree verse
Haunted House By The Hill Petersen Potter, DorianFree verse
My Mask Esson, NaTiviaLyric
Black Cascade Fraser, JamesTanka
le chateau indesirable vaso, arthurLight Poetry
Halloween Ghouls Petersen Potter, DorianRhyme
REASON AND DESIRE Providence, PoetryofRhyme
Who In The Darkness Follows Me Petersen Potter, DorianRhyme
Halloween Night Is Here Petersen Potter, DorianRhyme
Castles and Woods Hsi, ThomasBallad
RIDDLE Providence, PoetryofRhyme
Cornelius Gus Huss Petersen Potter, DorianEpitaph
Near Death On The Road To Life Schumacker, EarlFree verse
Secrets Petersen Potter, DorianTanka
ANSWERS: Garcia Howard Bramble, PatriciaLyric
Beneath The Mask Petersen Potter, DorianCinquain
Beware of All Hollows Eve Smith, WilliamRhyme
SEX AND THE MIND curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaProse Poetry
Pumpkin Pie Petersen Potter, DorianEpulaeryu
AM TRAIN TO KILL curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
advice ver 1-1 Geiger, PaulHaiku
HAVE THE HOTS FOR YOU curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
Weary Geiger, PaulFree verse
Sacrament Schneiter, PaulRhyme
Leaving Me Behind Bailey, BERhyme
Water Falls To Tranquility Schumacker, EarlVerse
Ayia Napa Sea Monster Kopec, PatrycjuszRhyme
MALTA Allison, JanAcrostic
Bouquet of Flowers Roper, EveHaiku
On A Friend'ss Bier Geiger, PaulFree verse
Near Death Experience - Poetry Contest Yvonne, MauriceNarrative
Voiceless Nusairat, FatimaFree verse
In The Country Geiger, PaulFibonacci
When Sky walks down to earth A. Sharma, Dr. UpmaQuatrain
EMOTIONS Negrete, ElizabethI do not know?
Nature And Noodle - Haiku Schumacker, EarlHaiku
I Am Alpha And Omega leake, kevinRhyme
halloween Negrete, ElizabethRhyme
Doves' ways Nusairat, FatimaFree verse
I'm Done Gravett, MarkNarrative
The constant Worry Negrete, ElizabethI do not know?
HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS Poet, AggressiveI do not know?
haiku 50 Babcock, PhyllisHaiku
A Surprise 18th Birthday Party sitoot, sakshiRhyme
How Do You Spell Lickher Yvonne, MauriceRhyme
Nomad Mridul, A K DasFree verse
Secreted Jewels Squyres, DebraVerse
Graduation Day Goodson, MarkCouplet
Afraid Of Knowing Nusairat, FatimaFree verse
Canoeing The Mississippi - Part 12 Johnston, BrianBlank verse
Canoeing The Mississippi - Part 13 Johnston, BrianBlank verse
Revenge is sweet-story muse, manoloLyric
A grasp and a gasp Knyr, VolodymyrCouplet
Mighty Waters Halliday, MarkVerse
DIALOGUE Enriquez, LeonSonnet
Where there is - Enjambment The literature lover, Sneha RVVerse
PlayBill Healing, AnuFree verse
CAUSE Enriquez, LeonHaiku
YESHUA Enriquez, LeonSonnet
DREAMTIME Enriquez, LeonSonnet
SELF-TALK Enriquez, LeonCouplet
APOSTROPHE Enriquez, LeonSonnet
EXPOSURE Enriquez, LeonCouplet
What Does The Frog Say Stevenson, JerryHaiku
Halloween at Midnight Squyres, DebraRhyme
Love is a delicate affair Baijnath, Ashwin Ballade
MULALE MUMTENDELE to Michael Chiufya Sata Kumankoma , SarpongFree verse
Unfinished Vijayan, BinduFree verse
Lorraine Cemetery Halliday, MarkHaiku
Spark Avenue JT, HonestlyLyric
Frankenstein Lollies Are Cool Rose, MysticRhyme
MY BOBY ON FIRE curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
Ungodly Gorgeous Collins, DarrellSonnet
TONIGHTS HALLOWEEN WATCH OUT curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
Makeshift Spaceship muse, manoloLyric
GETWAY CURISE curtis futch jr, kurtis scott akaLight Poetry
My Wish List Georguieva, VictoriaRhyme
Spices Bouquet Kendrick, SaraVerse
haiku 49 Babcock, PhyllisHaiku
Happy Halloween 2014 Abader, FaaiqahRhyme royal
The Santiam Graveyard Roberts, GailRhyme
Vampire Etiquette bauer, ileneRhyme
To Decker, KimFree verse
I Want Not to Fade Away Adams, ConaFree verse
Power of Intelligence Baijnath, Ashwin Ballade
Forgiveness Georguieva, VictoriaLight Poetry
My Mom Harvey, BrandonRhyme
Like Termites Stroh, UweHaiku
Politician Baijnath, Ashwin Ballade
Hearts Emotions Roper, EveHaiku
Surprise Factor Adams, ConaNarrative
Believe Hoover, DarrellRhyme
Comon sense Baijnath, Ashwin Ballade
Spilled Milk Adams, ConaFree verse
Feed Sack Dresses Adams, ConaHaiku
Christmas, Minus One Adams, ConaFree verse
Haiku 15 Wind Rain Meade, DavidHaiku
Ecstasy of Sufi Whirling Azam Shah Bukhari, S. NadiaFree verse
Heaven Scent Adams, ConaFree verse
Hypos 2 Baijnath, Ashwin Concrete
That's My Mom Adams, ConaCouplet
Hypos Baijnath, Ashwin Ballade
The Gathering Room Adams, ConaFree verse
Haunted Party Cruz, JasmineRhyme
Mother's Green Thumb, 1 Adams, ConaFree verse
Genetic Influence Adams, ConaFree verse
Undone Harvey, BrandonDramatic Verse (Verse Drama)
I remember Lamoureux, RichardFree verse
Felicity Undead johnson, randyRhyme
Halloween in Hobbitsville Cruz, JasmineRhyme
Slow And Steady Wins The Race Ellison, JackNarrative
IN MEMORY OF OUR HEROES Rose, MysticNarrative
Trick No Treat- Nance, CasarahLimerick
Beneath a Dire Moon Sprouse, AndyFree verse
Lonely Georguieva, VictoriaLight Poetry
My Poetry Procedure Horn, JamesCouplet
Graceful Departures Jackson , Beverly A.Free verse
Halloween tonight Hunt sr, HaroldFree verse
Dualized Timestream Bankson, JohnRhyme
God's image Shanta, Elizabeth-DeaFree verse
Tanka of the Forest Bankson, JohnTanka
In a Winter Cabin Bankson, JohnQuintain (English)
RAL 9011 victor, marinescuFree verse
and behold the Moon victor, marinescuFree verse
Stars Lawrence, WillowHaiku
Regret Matema, Chris Edwin I do not know?
crossfire CHAKRABARTY, RAJAT KANTII do not know?
Monday's Child - Parody Sollis, DavidLight Poetry
facebooker Sollis, DavidLight Poetry
Mute Point Sollis, DavidLight Poetry
- The living and the dead - Andresen, Anne LiseVerse
and relax Sollis, DavidLight Poetry
The Homeless Child Cabanes, NudershadaHaiku
Reality Nwaorgu, Timothy-PakerI do not know?
falling in love the chinese way Sidegu, KizitoFree verse
Kindreds Nwaorgu, Timothy-PakerI do not know?
Dear Sonneteer Nwaorgu, Timothy-PakerRhyme
Claire's Love in Hell Nwaorgu, Timothy-PakerTanka
Feast of Chaos Nwaorgu, Timothy-PakerFree verse
Bullying Cruz, JasmineRhyme
About You Finley, EugeneLyric
evil woods Baez, Sebastian AaronRhyme
Words, vows and squawks Kolding, JornFree verse
Bhest Erez Jill Barquio, ClaudineABC
Poetry Cruz, JasmineAcrostic
Together We Are One Cruz, JasmineRhyme
Dark Silence Cruz, JasmineRhyme
My Husband Came Up Missing Cruz, JasmineRhyme
when the lights go Cutlip, Wesley TCarpe Diem
Pumpkin Callus, PaulLight Poetry
Your Words Cruz, JasmineRhyme
Ode To Winter Longing and Snow Rememdy Ickler, ZammyI do not know?
paranormal fright Baez, Sebastian AaronLight Poetry
Is It Not Glamorous When God Plays With Puzzles Ickler, ZammyI do not know?
Shackles of the earth Olajide, RoselineI do not know?
DREAMS rawal, anbesAbecedarian
A big wheel of light Pangelov, BozhidarFree verse